On the side of people or the invader

MiloradVučelić, editor in chief

Is April 2nd going to be a day of hell’s torture for Serbia or the day when we are to remember that we are not a state nor people formed yesterday and that the history does not begin with us, or in let’s say it in politically correct terms – rude media wholeheartedly advocating treachery against Kosovo and with it the suicide of Serbian nation and state.  Let’s not equivocate,AleksandarVučić will be the executive decision maker. He will be the one to decidewhich kingdom to choose. After this decision nothing will be the same in Serbia.

Everyone in Serbia knows that the offer from the European Union was an independent Kosovo and that the negotiations are about Serbian community of municipalities within this independent state. Why did Serbia agree to these negotiations, why was anybody thought that Nikolić’s platform for joint Serbian municipalities can be won, are the questions that elude any, at the moment, plausible or acceptable explanation. In any case, Serbia received an answer from Ashton, in a form of agreement proposal. And what are the contents of this piece of paper?

Its contents imply an independent Kosovo as a fact of life and literally absolutely nothing to correspond with Nikolić’s platform. It is not really a secret, quite the opposite, it is well known that Vučić declined this “nothing” that was served to Serbia in Brussels nine days ago.

The media in Serbia celebrated this “nothing” as the great breakthrough for Serbia. They competed in a mindless frenzy to celebrate this extraordinary success of Serbia and getting closer to the date. And of course, all this infamy was happening under the watchful eye and control of foreigners, trying to force this agreement on Serbia through media. But this smoke screen was blown away by Vučić stating that Serbia was being offered virtually nothing. (read the text by Nikola Vrzić “ The demise of hope and the hope of demise” in this issue of Pečat).

There are a certain number of patriotic people, due to inexperience and an a priori antagonism towards SNS, joining the choir singing that the “deed is done” and the agreement was signed. When the government in Serbia carelessly got involved in the game of constructiveness with the vile and vicious West, it turned out to be really a game of Russian roulette, and now the only acceptable solution for Serbia is that the negotiations fall through, given the fact that the Serbian municipal community were to be a mere municipality, and Serbian municipalities and towns just local communities. Regardless of whom ever plan was to agree to these kind of negotiations and to carry on with this disgraceful or senseless strategy regarding Serbian municipal community, the decision about it will have to be done April 2nd by Vučić . He will decide where the government of Serbia stands, on the side of the occupying force of Kosovo or their own people.

If Vučić was to choose his own people, all that constructivism to that moment would have no bearing for the western powers. Consequently the usual already seen attacks from popular media with western backing will start again, specially the attacks of euro fanatical political parties. Be it as it may, anyone who has stood up for the welfare of his people, regardless of his political believes, was a target of these vassals.

On the other hand there is that possibility, of Vučić siding with western powers and surrender in to their hands the one thing they eagerly wish for, and that is Serbian Kosovo. The explanation for this horrible act is written a long time ago. And it states that Milosevic lost Kosovo, that because of our children we have to sign that we will never recognize Kosovo, that there are no real borders in European Union,  that we need the date, and that only conservative Kostunica is for Kosovo and against the European Union.

Applause that Vučić would have gotten from the foreigners would have been strong, overwhelming. But would it be so formidable that it can cancel out the feeling that always awakes in Serbian people in such circumstances. Whatever the general opinion about Serbian people is, one thing is certain: traitors don’t succeed in Serbia, and that goes for invaders too. It is fair to say that as a nation we do have many flaws, but that surely is not one them.

Which side to choose: To be with own people of with the invaders, dilemma that is old as Serbia itself. There is almost no Serbian that didn’t face this question in some way at one time or another. That nowadays dilemma is neither extraordinary nor unique in any way, and the right answers were given under much harder circumstances than these ones now. That elemental dilemma Vučić will resolve in the name of Serbia’s government April 2nd.  I am genuinely rooting that Vučić will choose Serbia, be with his own people, with Kosovo, and fight as much as he can for wellbeing of his country. And not only him.

Regardless of underestimation of Serbia and praise for the West, the support of Serbian people is hardly without gravity. For those with eyes to see, everything is quite clear, when they take a look at what’s happening at Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and Slovenia and what is the destiny of European Union (read the texts by Svetlana VasovićMekina “Cypress recipe for Slovenia” andMarijanaMilosavljevic “Desperation of Bulgaria and Romania” in this issue of Pečat). It’s hardly worth loosing breath over this dead entity. It would really be too much for Serbia to lose its honor, territory, its lands, its Kosovo and national history for the sake of apparition that is European Union. Getting attached to dead is the worst kind of faith that can be imposed upon us. Come April 2nd, we will know whether we dropped just in one of the circles of hell or at the very center of it, and if the dead are our best friends. Or the Resurrection of Serbia is upon us. In the midst of this deafening noise Vučić  should stop, pause and listen closer to the voice of his own people. And the people in Serbia are saying: Kosovo is Serbia!

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