Vučić’s decision

Milorad Vučelić, editor in chief

The template for the dramatic performance virtually does not exist. It’s just some Brussels paper rag, worthless and almost impossible to interpret and analyze. Plain and simple it’s nothing. The author is unknown, but it’s assumed to be Cathy Ashton. Some fashionable people are reading-in something into this piece of paper, which can be boiled down to title “Waiting for a date” instead of “Waiting for Godot”. So it only appears to be an insignificant Flash drama, but with vile and catastrophic epilogue – recognition of Kosovo independence and suspension of Serbia.

The Prologue is happening in seven rounds of images. The place of action: Brussels. Scenery is familiar and always the same. And the protagonists are more or less the same: Esthton, Dačić, Thaci. The images are endlessly repeating, the audience, sponsors and producers grow more and more discontented, so the director becomes nervous by the minute. The absence of the main actor to who was given the role of the victim, the bad guy or The Date hero or whatever is intense. It is noticed that Dačić during these reenactments, as foreign agents posing as analysts say, often talks with someone who is threatens him with the fall of government if he accepts and sign that “nothing”. Everything would be done and over with if that someone would of allowed him to do so. That someone is Aleksandar Vučić.

And Vučić is the one called in for the 8th round of negotiations. Prologue is finished and the dramatic action in several acts begins.

To that “nothing” lied before him, Vučić suggests that something auspicious to the interests of the Serbians in Kosovo and the country he is representing must be added in the agreement. He has a proposal and an offer.  He is not the one to refuse all the possibilities of an agreement. Instead of answers he gets this endless stream of Thaci’s devious see through suggestions showing plainly the real aim of this “nothing” that is constantly pushed as an answer that Serbian side should sign. Vučić rejects these low blows, see them as cheap shots and discredits them one by one.  Thaci becomes emotionally distraught and raises his voice that bounces of Vučić’s mocking like ironic smile.  Thaci accuses Vučić of being blind to reality. Thaci and Ashton are hardly hiding that Serbs are no more than loot, for them, handed to them to be at their mercy. To the demand for Kosovo armed force not to be present in the territories populated with Serbs, Ashton cynically says that Thaci doesn’t have any tanks, overlooking on purpose that by international agreements he has no right of having any kind of armed forces. Everybody is yelling simultaneously at the Serbian negotiators that they want segregation, and that Priština and Brussels are urging for immediate integration. No mention of allowing Serbs having their own regional police commissioner. Even four municipalities in the north of Kosovo are not municipalities any more. By Thaci’s proposal Vučitrn, South Mitrovica, Srbica…are joint with them, so the ethnic structure is changed in  favor of Serbs, and there are16% of them  compared  to 84% of Albanian population. At one moment Vučić ironically asks Thaci if he did put together this proposal all by himself or somebody

With proven experience of the motivational speaker, Ashton cheers the Serbian delegation either during plenum or individually, with phrases like: “I admire you, how courageous you are, think positive, you’ve gone too far to stop now”. If the words of praise don’t work then the sky falling on the heads of Serbs and similar are the appropriate “words”.

Parts of Serbian delegation are due to praises, warnings and blackmail or their true ideological and political persuasion ready to accept written or any kind of agreement.
To be true to the fact, they are ready to accept anything. Dačić and Grubjasević are telltale signs that they are in such a state of mind. Vučić is against it, accepting the full weight of consequences for such a decision, and taking political and personal responsibility for them, he resigns. Number of foreign and domestic sources state that there was a vote, where Vučić was in the minority. After Vučić’s resignation rejected by Dačić, Serbian delegation unites and declines to accept offered “nothing”.

Thaci at the culmination of Brussels flesh drama, viciously insults Aleksandar Vučić, the great number of Serbian media recorded it, shared and played it again and again, and it is only the prelude to everything that is going to happen in the days to come.

After returning to Belgrade, unity forged at the finish of the Brussels negotiations, strengthens with the vigorous participation, of the president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić.

Ashton announces the end of her mission of mediator and says that this was her last formal conference. In a way degrading to us, states that she is waiting ‘till Monday for us to call her and say that we accepted all the worst for us. The curtain falls. Serbia rejected to be humiliated and extinguished.

These are good, correct and true news.

And now, imagine that from Brussels came the news about agreement and that Serbia accepted the worst possible scenario. Some would celebrate us as a nation of traitors and other because they were right claiming in advance that Vučić was a traitor. That mindless joy would be literally a death march at the funeral of Serbia.

Love, or better yet the passion for murder of Serbia, became an obsession with the westernized Serbs. Serbia is their constant reminder that they betrayed their own country and stood on the side of the enemy of Serbia. That is the real reason for destroying Serbia, so that every piece of evidence reminding them of their crime of treason would be erased.

Vučić offered his resignation in Brussels, as an answer to the undignified comical flash drama with fatal consequences, that he was drawn into by somebody‘s premeditated design. Some that were resolved to carry on participating in all this, fell back, and accepted the decision that there will be no treason or surrendering Kosovo in the hands of the enemy.

All this alone can tell us about the social and political atmosphere prevailing when Vučić made this crucial decision for Serbia. He stood alone against always powerful foreigners, their employees in Serbia, westernized media, twisted  would-be delusional self-proclaimed fighters against the Empire, ruined DS and many of the nowadays members of the ruling coalition and government, and that will now have to decidedly declare what they are really. Gone berserk because their plans for destroying Serbia are ruined, they will of course, charge at and try to take down Vučić.

But Vučić isn’t now only at the mercy of enemies of Serbia. If he understood the importance of the decision he made, he will evolve from politician to statesman. That will give him extra strength to help create a more permanent and tighter bond between him and people. With the support from people, Vučić will succeed in withstanding all the future blows from the western countries, the true enemy of Serbia, and all their helpers in the country like Djilas and evil clowns that are overflowing Serbia.

It is a breaking point for the destiny of Serbia but everything in not lost as long the battle continues. Everyone that made the part of the Yellow regime got ahead of themselves to much too soon thinking that Serbia was already expired. And they don’t know that the real battle is yet to come and that the people carry all this overwhelming spite deep inside and the old truth within: Let there be what cannot be!

Pečat No. 262,  05.04.2013.


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