Stop the breakdown of Serbia

Milorad Vučelić, editor in chief

It isn’t hard being a profit of doom nowadays. It is especially easy when you have painfully obvious opponents of Serbia and the realization of scenarios written long time ago, only the protagonists are sometimes different and replaced with new ones. It was to the last detail predictable that the separatist and secessionist, or in plain words autonomists from Vojvodina are going to show up in Kosovo at the very moment when Serbia is being torn apart. Someone who values intelligence as a basic of human, but also enemy behavior would say that is impossible for someone to do something like that, barring in mind that nobody is supposed to be that daft to do such a thing. But in this case it was not the question of common sense, rather a must.
The declaration on the protection of the constitutional and legislative rights of Vojvodina found its way to the agenda of The Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The authors of this non-piper are many. But Bojan Pajtić who is the President of the Government of Vojvodina and the deputy leader of the Democratic Party, was the one to announce it. At the non-piper in Brussels built on non-piper Novi Sad. In Kosovo Thaci’s threats to Serbs with force or with UCK, and in Novi Sad the Declaration of independence of Vojvodina. Democratic Party and Bojan Pajtić , all with Dragan Djilas leading, don’t even try to hide that it is a case of profoundly connected political moves and actions to dissolve Serbia, they even insist on the connection between the Kosovo and Vojvodina.
To make things painfully clear, the adoption of the Declaration is scheduled at the anniversary of founding Independent State of Croatia (NDH), April 10th 2013. The ominous date of tearing our country apart is being evoked and at it’s very beginning, the fall of Srem and Zemun, under the command of Ustasha. Crveni Čot and Iriški Venac is hailing Pantovčak and Sljeme. Headman hailing Premiere’s Minister of the Interior.
There are no accidents or coincidences. Legacy of the Yellow rule needs to be completed and protected. For a long time now Vojvodina is openly considered to be a toughest stronghold, a true fortress of DS. In this fortress, built on Yellow statute of Vojvodina, the Constitution of Serbia is ridiculed and not respected; the resolutions of the Constitutional Court are disregarded; robbery is being committed in Razvojna banka Vojvodine and funds for development and capital investments; monetary resources of Vojvodina are flowing in to the hands of separatists parties lead by DS; only in that banks the membership card of DS is considered to be the only guarantee needed for the loan; the robbery in the “Tesla Banka” is yet to be revealed; that fortress has really became a center for mafia operations for privatizations of companies and lands belonging to the state; rejecting Cyrillic became a state policy so much so that the example of Vojvodina is stated as a reference at the anti-Cyrillic and anti-Serbian demonstrations in Zagreb at Ban Jelačić square; with the support of official institutions anti-Serbian racism is being cultivated; RTV has been turned into a propaganda service of Yellow, Pajtić ’s and Djilases politics,; the betrayal of Kosovo is openly advocated; all through Vojvodina monuments and memorials praising Hungarian or German fascist are being raised; great number of villages witherd and died, followed by pompous talk about European region; housing estates are simply drowning in garbage; the channels are more polluted by the minute and present a real danger to the health and life of people; the unemployment rate is the highest in Serbia, enormous amounts of money are being spent on opening and maintain unconstitutional European offices in Brussels; only in the recent “milk affair”, the cost in damages inflicted on the agriculture and industry was over 100 million euros; Vojvodina is littered with graveyards of abandoned farms and factories; there are whole municipalities or their central areas without a single production facilities; the Croatian lobbies are running wild through Vojvodina; Serbian orthodox church and its dignitaries are under open attack; shameless politisation and neutralization of crimes and casualties of Novi Sad’s raid and Čurug is being conducted; a number of towns in Vojvodina are turned into private estates of political officials from Pajtić ’s or Čanak’s parties; pharmaceutical institutions are given to be taxed by Yellow and league lords…By mocking Serbia, they made Vojvodina into a mockery of Serbia.
Vojvodinian government sporadically openly threatens Serbia with amputation and internationalization of the Vojvodina issue. Provincial authorities are mainly serving the purpose of actual bringing down the legislative and constitutional system of Serbia, and simultaneous robbing the citizens of Vojvodina and Serbia.
It is perfectly clear that all of the above represents a closed political project, woven from the legacy and plans and agendas of Democratic Party and its satellites.

Therefore the Yellow cartel will have it much easier at the soon to come provincial elections. They have done the work and they have a program. And as we can see that their program is not made of ambiguous promises and mere list of wishes. Who would mind that for such an irresistible program with a capital “P” to gain it’s validation at the election? The fear of verification of legality is there because of the persistent and undisputed defeats of the Yellow coalition at the local elections at numerous places in Vojvodina.
Then again, this “Vojvodinian spring” was announced so many times that with pleasure we have to inform you that the long waited spring is coming to Novi Sad, at Pajtić’s doorstep in front of Banovina building.
Heralding this spring was the big gathering under a clear slogan “Stop the breakdown of Serbia” and a demand for early provincial elections, Friday april12th at 17h.

Pečat No. 263, 12.04.2013.


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