Milorad Vučelić, editor in chief

He just had to; thefather of our Minister of agricultureGoran Knezević just had to remember “the warm rabbit “, betterknown as “running the gauntlet”. Now, it is a well-known fact that Goran’s father was imprisoned at Goli Otok Island during the Informbiro era, and has been rehabilitated just recently. Running the gauntlet was one of those cruel correctional methods used on “traitors” and “bandits” from 1948; however these days the dragging through the “warm rabbit” is done to Goran Knezević, for the sole purpose of beating the eurofanatism into his head.

From the very beginning of this elaborate and carefully planned action of against Serbian agriculture and agroindustry, Goran Knezević was standing alone against it all. Not one word, helpful or any kind from the government he is a member of.

Those ones, who were somewhat there for him, like the Minister of health Slavica Djukić Dejanović, only added more to the accusations against him. To top that, still they say that he, alone as he was, couldn’t really cope. We can agree with the fact that could of done a much better job, he could of advocated the change in the Constitution of Serbia, he could of stated his belief in the Brussels dialogue between Tachi and Dačić, that he is not opposed to the idea of independent Kosovo but that he’s not going  to recognize it, to declare his compliance with the wide autonomy of Voivodina, that everything is going to be all right once we have the date for EU and that it is the thing most sacred for him, and that the state border with Kosovo is the right way to go.

However, he could have, if he was to ask us, demanded the arrest of Goran Jesić, and all of those causing and spreading panic amongst people of Serbia. He could of and he would have gotten the advice, if he just has asked for it. But he hasn’t.

Only few of the experts, dared to say the most important and necessary: the milk is not toxic, just don’t drink it, if possible, 300 liters a day, because you can get sick. The credibility of these claims about non-toxicity and the health of milk is confirmed by the results recently arrived from Netherlands to Belgrade.

Opposite Knezevićand couple of his associates, there stood the whole Yellow cartel that was almost utterly intact by the change in power, up until now. The Ministry of agriculture itself is a decades old hot bed of yellow shenanigans and consistent effort against Serbian economy, and the new Minister is only six months present in these Augean stables. The media was working under the well-established yellow directive adopted, for a while now, as their credo.

There is no single recent minister, therefore the minister from the government before this one, that was held accountable, for anything, and he/she should be, if the results of their rule were like the statistics and well known facts are telling us they were.  It’s becoming vague, if the corruption is the relationship between subjects, who corrupted whom, if the ones in power were not corrupted or if there was no misuse of power in public procurements. Is it really possible, that not even one of the politicians from the first team of the Yellows and their coalition partners is not indicted for any of their acts?

We have to include all those firms of the Yellow cartel and along with some powerful foreign corporations,asthe opponents of Goran Knezević. This campaign against the Serbian peasants and Serbian agriculture, was carried out by those ones who were responsible for 800 000 slaughtered cows and therefore reduced the number from 12000000 to 400 000. Approximately the same number of people they left without jobs. Playing with the political faith and life of Goran Knezević, who was held in prison for 13 months regardless of his innocence, is a child play for them, obviously. One of the goals of this operation “toxic milk” was that we will all be forced to drink and eat only genetically modified food or anything that was indicated by the regulations, and in accordance with the interest of big multinational companies and their local offices in Serbia. How appalled was one propagandist from B92, at the mere remark about somebody in EU using the same well known established method of non-tariff protection of their market and economic interests! What are you saying, that someone from EU would do such a thing, he protested firmly trying to catch his breath. No one can remember that someone has even defended pope that hard.

The readers of “Pečat”, specially the regular ones, know a great deal about problems with food, water and ecology, locally and globally. In the Great global campaign for dominance over food and water “everything goes”, so export and import will be done under the guidelines of bosses of the big multinational corporations. Yesterday it was 0,5, and tomorrow 0,05 and vice versa. And in the meantime some of the natives ,like Serbs will be ordered to kill their healthy livestock, spill their good milk and plant genetically modified corn immune to drought, rain, and do not contain afla-toxins, but do contain everything else toxic, and more, that isn’t in the rule book.

In Serbia, stripped of its sovereignty, a new kind of crime was established. Everything that is not according to EU standards or, for instance “Monsanto” and its Serbian, and Voivodinian subsidiaries in particular, is a crime punishable by law. The proper food for livestock, as well as the milk and the powder milk is abroad and waiting for us to declare our food and milk unhealthy for human consumption. This food is probably much worse, but it’s “by the book”. It’s not really important if something is bad for health or not, or if it’s toxic or not, the only thing that is important is if it’s compliant or not with the European standards. All of this arisen from the signing of SAA. Act of committing crime is defined by the Minister of the government of Voivodina, Goran Jesić. By his governor authority, he is entrusted with spreading unprecedented panic among the people. The panic is fed by various results or analysis from Germany, from where “me oh my, surprise surprise”, also came all this data about our toxic corn that we haven’t even exported there for the past 14 months! Finally, from Netherlands came the results of analysis, from the high profiled laboratory specialized in milk analysis, which undeniable proved that not one drop of Serbian milk is dangerous to anybody’s health or wellbeing.

There were serious open words of praise, for this way of opposition and guerrilla tactics by Democratic Party and Goran Jesić. The regime suffered a heavy blow when good and normal milk was declared toxic. Not one word was said about the horrifying damage done to the people and their economy. Anyway, all the victories of the Yellow cartel were the defeat for Serbian people. Why should now be in any way different? Damage done to agro-industry and agriculture by the success of the operation “toxic milk “was approximately 200000000 euros. Now there’s a good reason to remember the good old Criminal Law that states that malevolent damaging deeds, acts towards the economy are subject to harsh prosecution.

This, refreshing memory about the articles of the Criminal law has its preventive side, because no doubt there are already numerous new, carefully planned actions ahead of us. Those are: toxic wheat, poisoned turnip, super toxic raspberry, ultra-poisonous sun flower…

But let’s move back to the case of Goran Knezević. It is plain to see, no point in hiding, that we are all only glad to support and defend him. Seriously, what was he thinking with this story about eurofanatism? It’s all right for someone to be critical to every fanaticism, but never to eurofanatism. It is already an established custom to say:” You can mess with everything but never with eurofanatism. You just don’t go there! “That is the only thing we hold against Knezević.

Maybe we should put an end to all this debate by appointing new Minister of agriculture, like Ivana Dulićć for instance. It could also be Kori Udovički, or Sonja Liht, or perhaps even Sonja Biserko. Or maybe, keep, forcibly if needed, that Dačić’s Han from Brussels, right during his visit to Vladičin Han. In that way a conformation would be assured, that eurofanatismis beyond Party narrow-mindness. All this should be done to reinforce and expand the Euro-Atlantic block. Proclamation of reconstruction of the government or possible elections sure comes to one’s mind. For the time being, it seems that it is safer to eat the bananas than drinking milk safe for consumption. It surely looks that way.

Pečat 258  08.03.2013.

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