Embroidered cord

MiloradVučelić, editor in chief

This, year 2013, is the 200 year anniversary of the birth of BishopPetarIIPetrovićNjegoš. For 200 years now the Serbs and Njegošare inseparable One and it is the most sacred and greatest jubilee of Serbs and Serbia. Maybe it is not for this reason, but when I see our politicians in Brussels or some other Western or Far East country or even Istanbul, beaming with glee in rapture and accepting orders agreeable with ultimatums, so they would, regardless of price, beg their way to beginning of the negotiations for accession into EU, I always remember the words of MustaiKadi from “The Mountain Wreath”:

“O Istanbul, earthly delight and joy of life,

a honey’s cup, a sugar mount,

the sweetest spa of human existence,

wherein honey sherbet the fairies bathe

O Istanbul, palace of the Prophet,

the source of His power and His holy shrine –

it is Allah’s pleasure to rule this earth

only from the palace of the Prophet.

What can ever tear us apart?”


After this bliss of such higher plains of delight, descending from “sugar hills” with a “what will EU keep apart from me” solemn oath, our politicians are becoming true pragmatists when Serbia is in question. In the brief moments of temperate sobering and from the EU sky and heavenly delights they were dwelling in, they present us forthright with their ruling motto, expressed already long time ago by SkenderAga in the “Mountain Wreath”:

“A brooklet runs into larger stream,

upon firth, it loses its name;”

Given the fact that among the Serbs, there are many unyielding, insubordinates, those who do not stand for all this, those who depend only on their own strength a who try to keep the fighting spirit founded in the reverence for the tradition, there will be a lesson following from realm of our political realists within threatening words of MustaiKadi:

“When the true saint strikes his mighty mace,

thewhole earth quivers from his blow

like a hollow pumpkin on the water.

Wretched people, can you be that blind?

You do not know the joys of heavens.

You fight against both God and men.

You live and die without ever knowing hope.

You serve the Cross, want to be like Milos!

“The Cross” – indeed an empty, lifeless word.

Milos throws you in a misty daze

In a drunken state of most peculiar kind.

One day spent bowing to Mecca is better

than four years waving sign off cross.”


The news from these lands of milk and honey and gardens of earthly delights comes to us after our politicians. They come to us through heralds like HashimThaci and truth loving Albanian media in Pristina. For somebody to know what Serbian politicians, Paul Riker and Cathy Ashton really do at these technical negotiations in Brussels one only needs to read through the free Albanian press in the free Serbian mountains and cities.

Despite of our politicians showing the broadest possible degree of complacency and eagerness to capitulate, about Kosovo, the messages are still like those from the hero folk epic poem “BajoPivljanin and Ljubović Bay”:

“Ay Bajo, Piva’s son of a harlot dog

No peace scurvy thy shall have with me

gold thousand pieces  given for ye may there be

Nay until the time thy come to mine palace, to me

Nay unless thy lay thy kiss between the eyes of mine hound

Nay before thy lips salute hoofs of mine long legged steed

Than thy may kiss mine hand and the end of my robe

And the dark and rugged ground before my feet”


Similar message is passing Aga of Ribnik, by challenging SenkovićDjurdje(Ivo Senkovićand the Aga of Ribnik) to a duel:


“If thy Djurdje, be shy to this bandying I offer so expressly

Make haste late mine knit a garment and britches for my body

So I know that thy proven your true obedience to me”


Jovan Popov reminds us of these heroic poems in his brilliant book “Duel as a literary motif”. We all know what the answer of our Serbian heroes to this kind of challenge was and the outcome of these duels. However there is nothingfurther from the Serbs minds than duels and battles.Behold , an old warrior DobricaĆosić is about to be thrown to prison, in shackles and chains, by the run down separatists and autonomists, pets to every order, as the “boogey man” whose ideas inspired the hordes of bandits, criminals and murderers.

Much different are the crafts and heroism done by nowadays politicians and so they advance, with the battle as the last thing on their minds, from one diplomatic victory to another, from Hague to New York, from Brussels to Washington. Diligently and eagerly they knit the breeches and shirts for nowadays Agas and Bays.

But it is not enough still. The age of humiliationis not yet at an end.


Serbian political dexterity, regardless of all the capitulations and forfeits to this very day, is not nearly enough or satisfactory. EU and Priština are still convinced that they were relatively reserved and ambiguous. Therefore the terms laid on the table can be properly clarified in words of LjubovićBey:


If ye cometh not by fear’s own judgementpass’d

I’ll provide a distaff and a tambour

and with distaff fine Misirian yarn

and a spindle out of boxwood molded.

You shall weavethbritches and one garment

and the cord to strap britches to my ties.


So what is the reason for this big wait? We kissed “the dog of the master and his horse’s leg”, countless times kissed foreign robe and hand. Gown and breeches knitted, tailored and sawn!

But the cinch cord is the problem – cord on the breeches not yet embroidered! And when all that is done, it is far from over still!

Thusly embroidered cord on breeches through Brussels should be taken to Priština.

Pečat 257  01.mart 2013.

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