Milk and honey

MiloradVučelić, editor in chief

Serbia would be the land of milk and honey, if and when we change the Constitution. Not one day passes by without at least one of our politicians saying this sentence. Without Constitution they would go overzealously productive, and of course the world would be our oyster. Albanian politicians are religiously holding on to their Constitution, and no wonder as it is a contemporary and built according to Ahtisaariplan. However, the Serbian one is a conservative one, to put it in plain folk language “passé”, “over” and not surprisingly so, as it is foundations ley in century old constitutional tradition and centuries old statehood. The number of complications and complexities multiplies endlessly and this is the way it is going to be, “by accident”, up to this year’s Vidovdan, when it will all become clear, if not crystal clear. But this is just one more of many complication along the road.

The situation in the country is that serious that the help of a serious scientific mind is needed just to try and understand it. Fortunate thing within this bad situation is that Serbia has all these people that can educate us, common folk, about this predicament we are in right now. Fortunately, one of most esteemed sociologists, Dr.VesnaPešić, the embodiment of contemporary civil Serbia, did her best to determine and diagnose the state of country.

In accordance with a great and enlightened mind, as Vesna is, using precise sociological analysis, she discovered that De Gaulle and Churchill finally found their rightful successor in IvicaDačić. Long time Europe has been waiting for the one that is worthy to carry on in footsteps of Churchill and De Gaulle, doing the greatest things of this new era. The long wait, that lasted half a century finally paid off. The winners of the Second World War, Churchill and De Gaulle were, according to Vesna’s commendable insight, outdone by our prime minister. Soon, actually May 9th, the English and the French veterans of the World War II will be able to cheerfully welcome IvicaDačić the successor of Churchill and De Gaulle to the European soil. We can only imagine the pride and joy of English and French patriots hailing the new European star, Serbian Prime Minister Dačić.

No doubt that this sociological endeavor by VesnaPešić, owes the success of its realization to important insight of a giant of Serbian sociology. You guessed it right if your money is on the memorable notion that “you don’t fill up tractors with patriotism” given to us byimportant sociologist and almost a political philosopher DraganMarković Palma. We all remember the enthusiasm of “second Serbia” and foreign ambassadors celebrating this extraordinary accomplishment in thought. Palma has, as it is appropriate, in one simple move, cracked the complexity of the Serbian society. Following the in footsteps of this almost a classic of Serbian sociology, Dr.VesnaPešićexpanded and brought to a final conclusion the thought revealing that Dačić’s diplomatic skill during the dialog with the esteemed Mr. Thachi equal to the roles that Churchill and De Gaulle had in the world history.

Bur, to be fair to the sociologist VesnaPešić, because not all the glory should go to Dačić, we should say a word of praise in appreciation for Vesna.The same wayDačićwas rightfully equalized with De Gaulle, also Vesna, due to her excellent scientific achievement, has to be given a prominent place in the sociology in general.

The sensitive nature of the topic, dictates to leave it to the readers to conclude which great sociologist VesnaPešić reminds them of. Personally, I am convinced that she is well deserving of being compared with someone great as Tomas Acquaints. Dačić is Churchill, and Vesna is Tomas Acquaints. What a happy country we are. No cold winter nights for us, having such titans in sociology and politics. The Sretenje medal will not elude Vesna, of course as soon as Sonja BiserkoiNatašaKandić got them. Veran Matić already got it, and deservingly so.

Once upon a time, “Nikšić beer” was advertised as “honored” and awarded with medals. Now in Serbia there is a new stream of advertising. Watch” honored” B92, read the report of the “honored”  committee of Sonja Biserko, and by all means join the “honored” Gay Pride Parade, “honored” JelkoKacin visited our country.

Be that as it may, we are, with all these honored or not yet honored giants in the land of milk and honey. The honey is overflowing the jar. And the spilled milk is flowing all through Serbia. Up to this rush into progress regulated by the EU, we have been consistently drinking milk, no matter the droughts or the dump climate. (Please read the text by SašaFrancisti, “The invasion of the little green alpha toxins” in this is of Pečat).

Everything there is to know about the “Milk affair” is well known now, and it is clear that this was one of the well planned blows to the already devastated Serbian economy. It is logical that the blow originated from the last standpoint of the Yellow cartel, from the Provincial government of Vojvodina and firms close to it. All that is left of economic independence of the country should be destroyed. The milk is bad, even if it’s ten times better than the one in America. And that is why nobody buys it. The milk farms and the retail chains are taking the punishing hits. The milk farms are not buying the milk from the firms great and small, because it’s allegedly no good. They are forced to milk the cows and spill the milk, day in day out, because there’s no one to buy it. Already small state subventions are absent. The farmers have to feed the cows the food they bought before, that is now labeled as no good, the same as it was labeled as good when it was bought. The cheese is no good, the cookies are no good, the chocolate, the meat …

It is puzzling that nobody haven’t already forbidden bathing in milk. Everything made in Serbia is dangerous. The milk has to be imported, and the food tor cows have to be bought from the Yellow cartel. Everything from there has healing quality. With a well-aimed blow our agriculture and food processing industry was shaken. Yet unseen panic and frenzy has been invoked. Already there are parents reported to the police for feeding milk to their kids. Adults drinking milk are being committed to psychiatric institutions for being suicidal. There is no end to the string of horrific consequences. The river fish is poisonous, so it is imperative to buy only the Japanese hake, because there, the nuclear meltdown was beneficial for the general health. Political activity of the yellow takes more vicious forms all the time. Only the ones not living in Vojvodina and Belgrade are getting fired. Questioned about the milk citizens of Jagodina, Niš and Kragujevac said that they don’t care about all the stories and that they are drinking the milk carefree. It’s easy for them; they don’t have Ješić and the Provinces.

In short, Serbia is a land of milk and honey.

But, suddenly and out of nowhere, like a shower from the clear blue sky, one of the greatest American and global film stars Tom Hanks (on the cover of this issue of Pečat) stated that Kosovo is Serbia. That statement provoked a wave of discontent, distrust and disbelief in our political leadership.


Because here the prevailing motto is: Serbia for a date!

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