NIKOLA VRZIC : The Great (made in Hague) trickery

When UNPROFOR claimed that Muslim forces in Sarajevo targeted their own citizens, and  the indichment for the systematic terror  of  Sarajevo civilians  has been  reduced by  the Hague prosecutor  to 10 (ten!) sniper attacks and not more than 20 (!) shells from the Serbian possitions, and when we know that the UN SC  decided on a closed session to seal the documets (files) related to Srebrenica for the next 30 – 50 years, that the greatest  Serbian fault actually lies in the fact that we were on the wrong side of the media  war?
It has been a long since we ashamed of the horrible crime, became  convinced that the Bosnian Serbs fired three shells on the queue in Vasa Miskin street on May 27, 1992. That they murdered and wounded 108 Sarajevo citizens.
And who knows  for how long we’d  live in that belief, in the heavy shame and guilt, until the ICTY prosecutor while prosecuting Ratko Mladič and Radovan Karadžić for  systematic  terrorising of the Sarajevo citizens with shells and snipers.  convinced us in opposite when  he  striked out  from the list of their aggravating crimes, sniper shots and shells  that had fallen on Sarajevo  because of them,  the  pleadings  concerning the massacre in Vasa Miskin street .  Knowing something we are not aware of, in the inventory of the crimes  that the Serbs were responsible for, the Hague prosecutors didn’t  even include the massacre in Vasa Miskin street, which indicates that they might know  the other party was responsible for.
Whereby our present convincment in our own guilt remains as a remembrance of a drastic medio – politic propagada  which made us so obedient that we almost didn’t dare to question the truth that has been served to us as the last meal to a dead sentenced man.  Untill, well, the Hague prosecutor alone didn’t prove that the last meal was not more than a false show . And that hasn’t been, as well,  the only, neither the greatest fraud which is unveiling in front of our eyes,  and the Serbian public  doesn’t dare to whisper  about.

10 AND 10

Following information is exclusive only because no one in Serbia  dared to publish it. By their publishment Pečat , indeed, testifies  that it is the  free Serbia newspaper, but also that the rest of the media , by remaining mute concerning the information that is largely available on the ICTY website,  are, unfortunately not.
The Hague, a place where the history of wars in former Yugoslavia is to be established and  Serbian fault confirmed, became even more significant after the recent accquit  of the Croatian generals Ante Gotovina nad Mladen Markac; even more significant because the sentence and the reactions it provoked, definitely exposed that the issue wasn’t the individual , but (our) collective guilt, or their innocence.
That’s how Oluja (Storm operation) and the Croatian Homeland war were legitimazed  and totally disputable after the accquital of the two individuals. (Doris Pack, German representative in the EU parliament:  ’’The Tribunal reviewed their role in the war as well as the role of Croatia in it. An operation that resulted in regaining of the occupied teritory could be observed from the different corner now. Domovinski rat (the Homeland war) was a just and defensive war.’’) In the same time, according to the matrix,  condemnatory judgement for the Serbian generals for the joint criminal enterprize, is at the same time, all of us are sentenced joint criminals.
Being in danger to be sentenced even harder than it has been done by now, far from the media, in the Hague the trial of Radovan Karadzic, former president of Republika Srpska and Ratko Mladic, general, former commander of the army of Republika Srpska,  ongoes.
There are plenty of the things to be heard, but no one’s willing to listen.
Accquital of the Serbs concerning Vasa Miskin massacre was totally unnoticed; There was almost no one who noticed that the Panel (of judges) at request of Radovan Karadzic’s defendant, dismissed the whole (and the first!)  chapter  of indictment  concerning genocide commited in seven municipalities of  Bosnia and Hertzegovina  in whole.
And of course, no one even cares that in the meantime the Prosecutor and the Judical secretariat of the Tribunal came uncover:  In the case of Karadzic the prosecutor has been 78 times caught  in (obviously systematic) illegal attempt  of hiding the documents from the defendant.  Meanwhile the Secretariat appeared as a discrete Prosecutor’s ally (again) when  cut  the budget for the Karadzic defence for  150.000 in total, and just before the disclosal of the defence begun. That’s the ammount Karadzic unfinished home in Pale was suddenly valued on  – the real estate is obviously more expensive there than in the meadows of Vracar (central Belgrade municipality), although they knew about the house from the moment Karadzic arrived to the Hagure, in 2008, at least.

But  what’s  the significance of the  150,000 in real estate in Pale comparing to bombardment of Sarajevo from the hills around Pale,  and comparing , as the Hague prosecutor defined it, a systematic battering of the civilians in Sarajevo with Serbian shells  and snipers from the surrounding hills.  However, all of us remember quite well Sarajevo under the Serbian bombs, its inhabitants , who fearing the Serbian snipers, didn’t dare to appear outside their homes.
How many thousands of the bombs had fallen on the Sarajevo, how many hundreds, thousands  sniper attacks occured during the 3,5 years long  Sarajevo bloody siege?
With the accusations against Ratko Mladic for systematic battering of the civilians in Sarajevo, The Prosecutor enumerated them:  there was 10 and 10 more of them.  Ten artillery attack  commited with one or three shells , and 10 more, as they named it, sniper incidents.
That’s approximately 20 shells and 10 sniper shots in total, with known names and surnames of wounded and killed, and according to the Prosecutor’s postulations.  And that was all for the three and a half years lasting  horrible siege!
Honestly speaking, the Indictment says thet these were the exemplifictions of the civilian maltreatment, but tht claim needs  a serious highlight, not to use the term ’’debunking“.
The initial indicment stated 76 names of as mentioned above wounded and murderd  citizens of Sarajevo;  but as time and evidences were passing by, the list has shortened and reduced on 10.
However, defence of Karadzic has just started with the exposition (he was charged for 16 sniper shots, though!), and the one of Mladic didn’t start yet, thus the number could be even smaller at the end.  Now we point up the logical conclusion established according to such a consequent reduction of the serbian sniper  victim’s number: those were not ,,the exemplified“  but all examples  that the Tribunal ih Hague stands for: though, if there were some more cases,  they would certainly be listed in the indicment, instead of letting the reduction of the  initial list to 10 cases only.  Moreover, if the 10 sniper shots and 10 artillery attacks during three and a half years of the civil war  an evidence for the systematic battering of the sarajevo civilians, what  those 3,381 attack on civilians and civilian permises during the NATO aggression in 1999, were the aggression that lasted for 78 days only.?
Oh, yeah, we were the collateral damage then, meanwhile 557 civilians  who were killed in these attacks,  are hardly something more collaterally damaged comparing to the rest of us.


But not even the miserable number of the shells and sniper incidents , which dissipates  byitself the great propaganda delusion concerning the martyred city and the Serbs as sadistic barbarians from the hills, , was the only shocking fact, if we get into details concerning the cases of Karadzic and Mladic before the Tribunal.
Stil in Sarajevo, we are dipped into evidence concerning systematic battering of the civilians, although the ten doesn’t look like anything systematic. We go to Markale marketplace, we are in the  February 5, 1994, and August 28, 1995. The first attack resulted with a death toll of 66 and more than 140 persons injured. In the second one 43 persons lost their lives and 75 were wounded.  No doubt those were horrible crimes,  for which CNN together with Christiana Amanpour  immediately accused the Serbs; this accusation seemed so convincable, that even the Hauge prosecutor included Markale 1 and Markale 2 among the ten, i.e. 16 artillery attacks on Sarajevo that Mladic, and Karadzic are accused for.
Bomb attacks on Markale , as well as Vasa Miskin, remained sealed in our colective concious like some bloody symbols of the barbaric Serbian aggression , even though the Vasa Miskin massacre has silently and unnoticed slipped out of the issue..
And what are we to do with Markale?  While re /reading the testemonies, we avoid those made by Serbs. For no one believes them anyway, so we won’t as well until we are convinced otherwise.  Until that happens we are reading what’s said in the tribunal by the UNPROFOR officers.  There were one Russian and one Ukrainian among them , but majority were Canadians and one from New Zealand.
Markale 1, 5. February 1994. Balistic experts and UNPOFOR  officers discussed the issues concerning the shell  CNN and Hague  Prosecutor accused Serbs for .In the lightest part of their testimony they denied , present a rational doubt  concerning the Prosecutor’s  (and Christiana Amanpur’s  as well) claims  that the shell was fired by the Serbs,  explaining that it was not possible to establish the exact location the shell was fired from  for certain, nor whether it was done by by Serbs or by the Muslims; the rest of their testimonies is, indeed, a grossaccusationagainst (at the expense of) the Prosecution and Christiana Amanpour, as well as thier inspirers.
The British balistic expert Dereck Olsen from the Academy of UK Defence, thus claimed , under the oath, that is was impossible to establish the exact distance the deadly shell came from, and therefore, it’s impossible to accuse the Serbs for firing it, without the rational doubt.,  under the condition that  the goal  is to discover the truth, of course.  John Russel, a canadian major,  that time Second of the UN special envoy Sergio deMello, in charge of military issues, has personally researched the crater and thus he stated that was impossible to determine who fired the shell.  In accordance to that he passed the report to the UNPROFOR HQ in Zagreb the day after the Markale tragedy . The report included hi concution that both, the Serbian and the Muslim side scould fire the mortar shell of death.
Steven Godry was a Canadian arillery expert who was in charge of studding the field reports in the HQ in Zagreb, made a conculion thatit was not possible to provide the answer to the key question: Whose mortar fired the shell?  Also general Michael Gutllier, commander of all the Canadian military forces stationed abroad at time of his retirement in 2009. Who was a team leader of the UN investigation unit in February 1994, said that the direction of the firing could have been established, but not the exact distance, hence he made a conclusion that ’’both sides could fire the shell“.

Christiana’s propaganda

Soon after those several statements question came forth whether anyone else , except Christiana Amanpour and the CNN, managed to determine the fact which proves that the Serbs fired the shell? The above mentioned major Russel, as it comes to this, evocated that one day before an initial report, containing the concusion as above, (that it still remains uncertain who fired the shell)  was made, CNN accused Serbs for firing, on February 5th.  Russel  labelled it as propaganda.
Why it has been so difficult to disover the exact faulter? Fortiori the collonel Jodrey mentioned before the court, that the crater analysis wasn’t up to date but it was relatively simple method for locating the origin of a mortar firing.
Quite interesting was the explanation provided by  gen. Michael Gutiller; he said that the crater was destroyed, digged out and excavated by the French soldiers , who  applied  some ’’non -conventional“  ’’suspect” methods of the investigation , so that certain captain Verdi who took the case over , additionally made mathematics errors thus the results were useless. After tha French and Verdi, when Gotllier and his men took the case over, it was already too late for any definite conclusion.

Which doesn’t mean that there was no  certain excesive conclusions,. The conclusions were certain in a way that they confirmed with a great certainity, that the deadly shell on Markale wasn’t fired by the Serbs, but rather Muslims alone. Ukrainian Collonel Sergei Moroz tesified in the Hague that he was told by the Russian member of the UN investigation team of Rumyancev that the shell didn’t  come from the Serbian side, and that it’s more likely that the blasting device was brought and thrown  at the market place.
Ok, so there are a Russian, Ukrainian, this smells like some Serbian conspirancy. But let’s hear what  Russel , Canadian, has to say? After he established that the penetrating angle of the shell , if it really was fired from the mortar, had to be extremely  steep (more precisely 90 degress almost) in order to overshoot the surrounding high buildings, what made him conclude the the shell  must have been fired from the nearby surrounding.  And  there were  only  Muslim foces  positioned around. As he noted in his personal diary written during his mission in Bosnia,  on February 5th 1994. He wrote that he beilevs that it has been the Muslims alone  who shoot themselves on  the tragic day. He added that during the later weapon search in the Bosnian forces 120 mm handmade shells were found  and their specific look, even their welds were indentical to the tail of the one that hit Markale.
Steven Joudrey as well stated in his conclusion that even if the shell  was launched from the distance, must have been fired from the area of which 95% is controlled by the Musilm forces., and that ,,nothing disputes“ the posibility of firinig from the neaby roofs, Joudrey further says  , If we take into consideration relatevely small size of the markerplace  as well as UN reports stating that this area has not been under  intese  fire  in the days and even hours  before the blast,  the posbility of having a single missile fired at the market and hiting it,   ’almost doesn’t  exist’.  And that’s why tere is the opened posibility of the manual firing from the sorrounding building’s roofs.

Similar situation repeats in Markale on 28. August 1995.- UN investigators  (Andrei Demurenko) stated again that the posibility that the single stroking shell came came from  the Serbian positions is 1:10000000, but that there’s no evidence confirming  even the smallest posibilty, neither on the scene nor in the radar recordings, so that the Investigators suspect that what actually happened was the ’ a terrorist  attack from the city’ but , Demurenko explains, they were banned from any further investigation; An Americab Intelligence officer signed the report  which ’opposes  the laws of psysics’ claiming that the missile was fired by the Serbs, and the radars failed to record it due to its low launcing position (?!) But the million dollar question remained unanswered: how the low launched shell manged to pass over the surrounding high buildings?
Demurenko siad as well that even the UNPROFOR often had and immense impression that the Muslims in Sarajevo  target their own citizens with snipers, but that was extremely difficult to prove due to the order of the UN HQ, that those situations are not to be investigated.
Are these statements only an exaggeration of the zealous Russian, who is likely to release  the Serbs from the guilt?  But even the London’s  The Independent  on 22. August 1992. Reported that  ’the UN officials as well as Western higher positioned Military believe that some of the worst recent murderes , including the massacre of at least 16 person from the queue in front of the bakery, were carried out by  Muslim defendants of the city – and not by the Serbs who besiege the city – as a propaganda trickery  in order to gain World sympathy and, consequently,  military intervention in their behalf’ .
As for the Vasa Miskin massacre, The Independent stated: ’Confidental reports to the UN commander, gen. Satish Nambiar, claim that it was the Bosnian  forces loyal to Alija Izetbegovic who detonated the bomb in Vasa Miskin, and that has been a remotely controled blast, probably  placed in a can’, said the UN official.

Gray’s testimony

All would probably remain just a part of the journalist’s guessing and Russian zealousy, untill the testimony of Paul Gray, New Zealand military collonel, filled the Hauge air.  Muslims were shooting Serbs from their position behind the Kosevo hospital, in order to provoke their reply on the civilian targets, hoping to be given worse than received.
On July 13, 1992,  children who were given candies by the Canadian soldiers placed in the Post office, have been killed by the mortar fire.  Grey believes that the shell came from the Muslim controlled teritory (this blast as we notice, wasn’t listed neither in Karadzic nor Mladic’  indictment);  targeting  Bosnian Presidental residency  everytime foreign representatives  were visiting  became  a routine; he tells about Jul 17, 1992. And the visit of the British dilomacy chief Douglas Herd, when, as soon as Herd entered the building the shell that killed 10 passers by toppled down.  He was personally present, so he the  sound of  firing the shell. ’ The distance was less than 200m’, he testified about Muslims attacking their own civilians , and made the  conclusion that ’the Bosnian side was purpously killing their own civilians in order to gain world’s sympathy and provoke Internationa intervention’.
Doesn’t  the  testimony of the Srebrenian Hakija Meholjic  seem more trustworthy, in the part where he describes Alija Izetbegovic  explaining thathe was given an offer from Clinton (Bill, former USA president), to let the ’chetniks enter Srebrenica’ so they will massacre 5000 Muslims’ in order to provide NATO intervention against the Bosnian Serbs .
As concerning the Srebrenica case, that Karadzic, Mladic and all Serbs in general  have been  accused for,  we are bringing to your attention a book writteb by Rafael Drashtak  “The End of the game 1995“.  There the author exposes  an unknown but very significant information: on the closed session of UN SC held in 1995.  A decision to seal all the UN doccuments concerning and related to Srebrenica, and to keep them sealed for the Tribunal even,  for the period of  30 -50 years. This decision has been bought at request of USA; France and UK… Why are they hiding the, if there was nothing to hide? Perhaps it might appere that Srebrenica doesn’t differ too much from Vasa Miskin, markale 1, Markale 2 cases and all the other deceipts that are unveiling in front of our eyes, but we are not allowed neither to mention, nor to use it. because we are not  allowed to, by those who are rulling our state , i.e.  those who, ideed,  don’t want the files concerning Srebrenica announced.

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